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Digtial Inking Tips – How to ink better?

Inking is a very interesting and crucial stage. This is time when the drawing is finalized from rough lines and given the final outline. The following are some tips that would help you become better.

  • Ink as much as you can to become better at this.
  • Search for Videos on Youtube there are good quality tutorials available.
  • Use a separate layer for Inking with your actual image in the lower layer.
  • Experiment and choose the right bush that will not only make it look professional but the one that you can use with ease.
  • Use your wrist to flick and make quick lines, if you draw lines slows the outline will not be smooth.
  • You can ink with any color you want but normally you would see black every where.
  • Do hesitate to undo your line/arc and redo as many times needed to get a perfect one. Likewise unnecessary lines can be erased/cleanedup later.
  • Use Tablet Pen to Ink instead of mouse.


If you’re somewhat of a sketch artist and thought of switching from a sketch pad to digital art, now’s your chance. The Inkling Digital Drawing Pen ($200) by Wacom converts your ink drawings into vector or raster graphics thanks to the same tech utilized by their tablets. The Inkling captures natural pen strokes with 1024 levels of sensitivity and works with popular design softwares, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook Pro, Correl Draw and more.

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