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What things you should observe before you draw?

Observation is an most essential aspect of drawing. Most of the beginners jump start to the sketching without much observation of the picture details. The more you observe and commit to memory,  the more better your drawing would turn out to be. The power of observation makes all the difference, so one must train himself. Of course it does not come day one, but spending time over the subject in detail is a good starting point. Some of thing to common things to observe. - Study the various levels of gray tone in the subject (light, medium and dark). - Visualize from where the light is falling on the subject. - Try to feel the subject, try to  understand and co-relate to the drawing. … Read more »

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General Drawing tips

I am sure you would figured some of these out by now, however here are a few drawing tips that will help you draw better over time. - Always use light pencil pressure in the beginning. - Pay attention where you hand is on the page else the pencil lead or charcoal will very easily smudge on the page. - Remember to erase any lines that you no longer need in your final drawing as you draw, this keep the drawing clean and helps to avoid too much erasing at the end. - Turn the  page around as needed to reach different part of the drawing, this helps to draw easily and avoid smudging. … Read more »

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