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How to draw Pikachu (Pokemon)?

Pikachu is very cute and easy to draw. Its body has shades of yellow with rosy cheeks and black marking in the ear. The following video by Cartoon Workshop show step by step. … Read more »

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How to draw Piplup (Pokemon)?

Piplup is one of my favorite pokemon characters. It very cute and easy to draw. Its body is mostly blue or light blue with white areas and yellow for nose and feet. Use good markers like Copic Ciao in order to achieve the smoothness and color vibrance like the original. Check out the following step by step demonstration by Cartoon Workshop from Youtube. … Read more »

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How do draw Charizad (Pokemon)?

Charizad is a very popular and easy to draw Pokemon. The main thing is how to do the highlight as a proper highlight will make the character live. Also using the markers like Copic Ciao Markers will bring the brilliance just like the original. The following video shows how to draw it in a step by step way: … Read more »

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